BG PowerFlex

Weight: 82 +/- 2g
Balance: 295 +/- 5mm
Stiffness: Medium
Tension: 20 - 30 lbs

Available Options:

Product Details

Weight @approx 82g

  • With a weight around 82g the racquet is light on your wrist with lightning-fast shots.
  • The weight of the racquet at 82g enables lightning-quick wristy shots from mid-court.
  • The 82g weight enables nimble change of grip from the forehand to the back-hand and back again.
  • The weight of the racquet at 82g generates good power to hit clears baseline to baseline.
  • Punch-clears with the 82g behind them will be powerful and accurate to the baseline.
  • Hit powerful smashes with greater head-speed with the racquet weight at 82g.
  • The weight of the racquet at 82g gets you into shot positions quicker.

Medium-Flexible Shaft

  • The shaft has a flex which kicks in a mega-punch to your smashes and clears.
  • The flex-kick of the shaft generates power comparable to head-heavy stiff shaft racquets with the advantage of better control of the balanced PowerFlex racquet.

Balanced racquet

  • The balance point is around 295mm (measured from the bottom of the handle/grip of the racquet).
  • The even-balanced racquet gets you play a wide range of shots easily.
  • The even-balanced racquet is suited for executing shots from different positions in the court with ease.
  • BG PowerFlex’s even-balanced feature combines great speed and laser-sharp control with lightning-bolt reaction times.
  • The even-balance of BG PowerFlex is suited for players with any standard of play, from beginners to the advanced.

String tension range

  • The BG PowerFlex can withstand upto 30lbs of string tension. The range of the string tension applicable enable greater choice of the versatility offered by BG PowerFlex.
  • BG PowerFlex has been tested with different strings at varied tensions and comes out with flying colours on an all-round performance.